About Me

Hi. I am Sam. I am a thinker and lover of life with a simple outlook on life.

I am a media and communications scholar, I teach in a local private University, having previously taught in a public University. I currently live in Nairobi.

This blog is an overflow of some of the many thoughts that run through mind on any normal day.

The views expressed here are mostly personal reflections on different societal issues. I also share personal stories that touched my life or people known to me.

I occasionally give unsolicited advice on this blog for the readers to consider, but just like a doctor who warns you against smoking and drinking but they occasionally indulge in them, you don’t have to take everything so seriously, decide what works for you.

Because people like wasting their free (and sometimes productive) time on the internet reading both useful and useless things, consider this blog an addition to that list.

Finally, I would to hear from you, feel free to engage with me on this blog and the social media outlets.