In their first rally at Jacaranda gardens in Eastlands, after Raila, the NASA presidential candidate was cleared to run by the IEBC, his running mate Kalonzo curiously singled out the Deputy President Ruto as the main reason Uhuru would lose the elections.

While Kalonzo’s sentiments were triggered by Ruto’s forays in lower Eastern, Kalonzo’s home tuff, his sentiments have a wider contextual application.

The intrigues surrounding the Nairobi gubernatorial race won’t go away just yet. Even the before the excitement surrounding Polycarp Igathe’s choice as Sonko’s running mate dies down , Peter Kenneth has announced his intention to run for the position as an independent candidate.

Thursday, 11 May 2017 01:08

Unveiling the NASA Flag bearer: The Verdict

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After many days of haggling, negotiations, intrigues, backstabbing, public threats, ultimatums, numerous postponements, NASA finally unveiled their lineup for the August 2017 polls.\

The public rally in Uhuru Park provided a welcome break from the drama of political party nominations that has kept us glued to our screens and social media. Enthusiastic but anxious crowds thronged Uhuru Park eager to witness the unveiling of the captain to steer the NASA ship to the Promised Land.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 01:12

Which way the Kikuyu Nation ?

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The fall of William Kabogo and Peter Kenneth in the just concluded Jubilee nominations has some hidden but serious ramifications for the future of the kikuyu nation and by implication, the whole country.

The fall of Kabogo reverberated across the entire country. The man nicknamed “The Buffalo”, symbolically because of his ability to mercilessly charge at opponents and obliterate them in his political career spanning 15 years appeared unbeatable. So much was his confidence that he boldly stated ‘Kabogo never loses ’. His defeat by bitter rival Waititu ‘Baba Yao’ was as surprising and unexpected as his concession.To many Kikuyus, Kabogo was the only man with the necessary depth, political muscle, charisma, financial might and ruthless guts to lead the Kikuyu after Uhuru’s exit. A man never shy to speak his mind, Kabogo openly told the Deputy President Ruto that Mount Kenya support was not guaranteed in 2022, he would have to negotiate and work hard for it. Some interpreted this to mean he was positioning himself to be Ruto’s running mate in 2022. When he alluded to the fact “somebody does not want Kabogo as the governor of Kiambu County”, some interpreted this to mean some people saw him as an obstacle in the 2022 equation. There has been a feeling among some Kikuyu elite, that if the Kikuyu nation ever felt boxed to a corner, Kabogo would be the man to step up for them.

The US recently concluded one of the most unusual elections, involving perhaps, the most unusual candidate in the person of Donald Trump. Trump is not your archetypal politician. He is unrefined, unrestrained, anti-establishment, politically incorrectly and has managed to redefine and normalize the abnormal in American politics. Never in the history of the United States have they ever had a candidate who divides opinion as Donald Trump.

Given some of his outrageous comments and actions, it baffles many people outside the US why Trump remains popular especially among his core supporters. While many people thought Hillary Clinton would triumph on November 8, Trump obliterated strong opponents like Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, during the GOP primaries and finally Hillary Clinton.

One of the greatest nightmares is having to visit a government office when following up on crucial documents like title deeds, police abstracts, identity cards, passports, birth certificates or even business licenses. I recently visited a police station to obtain a police abstract. I had been involved in an accident- a matatu hit my car. The abstract was necessary to initiate the claim process with my insurer. The fact that I was the victim notwithstanding, I was made to feel like a criminal at the police station, I was subjected to two days of queuing, begging, rude officers, being tossed to and fro before I was finally given the crucial document. I left the station feeling very frustrated and hoping I will never need to visit a police station again.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 01:16

A citizen's guide to surviving an election year

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2017 is a big year in Kenya. It’s an election year which will see Kenyans will engage in a formal decision making process to pick their political leaders for the next five years. Already, political temperatures are rising and the political rollercoaster is already gaining steam.

Elections create uncertainties and can serve unexpected surprises as witnessed with the US elections and the UK Brexit referendum. It’s a high stakes game. Every election year is characterized by numerous challenges and opportunities. So what can we expect in the run up to the elections?